Our Belief

We value listening (not self-deploying with our own agenda); affirming God-given dignity in people; and being present 24 hours-a-day by having staff that are living in the neighborhood. These principles are derived from the Christian Community Development Association, similar place-based ministry practices, and Asset Based Community Development strategies.

Our Vision

A neighborhood transformed by the power of Christ and the participation of the community inside and outside the neighborhood.

Our Goal

We hope to break bonds of generational poverty by providing opportunities for residents to work toward neighborhood stabilization, lifetime learning, financial sustainability, and health-filled futures.

Parker Street Ministries  


“Thank you, Libertore Fund, for helping prevent and mend some of the ravages of generational poverty in our community. You are making a difference for vulnerable children and families.”


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The Libertore Fund For Children
P.O. Box 5415
Lakeland, FL 33807


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