Our Vision

Helping students with special needs achieve remarkable goals.

Our Philosophy

To participate with children who have special needs and their families in adapting to personal challenges and developing skills to promote optimal independence . . . through comprehensive assessment and goal development that is child-centered, family-driven and staff supported.

To provide childhood experiences in all areas of development within a safe, loving and secure environment which encourages the acquisition of skills that are meaningful to the child both now and in the future . . . through an enriched and stimulating setting that is developmentally appropriate for children.

To respond to each child’s individual needs, recognizing their strengths, while maintaining an awareness of the developmental sequence of the learning process . . . through an exemplary and dedicated staff that is committed to their profession and the responsibilities that come with this privilege.

To function as a team in parent, child and professional partnerships in order to improve the quality of life for children and their families . . . through open dialogue that encourages exploration of all options, consensus building and respect for each team member equally.

To relate to the community by being responsive to its changing needs, while fulfilling an obligation to educate the public as to the value of children with varying abilities . . . through being a visible and proactive advocate for all children.

To educate and support families as they advocate for the needs of their children . . . through serving as an ongoing community resource for information and assistance.

To be a continuing source of support and assistance to all Achievement Academy families, both past and present . . . through the development of a lasting relationship based on a successful partnership with families from the beginning.

Achievement Academy

“Thank you so much [Libertore Fund] for making a difference in the lives of at-risk children. Because of your generosity, children in our Birth to Three Program will receive the early intervention services they need to succeed. Thank you for helping to make this possible!”


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The Libertore Fund For Children
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