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Peggy Kerwin, Ex Director and Brian Kerwin, Dev. Director

Florida Baptist Children’s Home

This agency provides shelter and finds foster care homes for children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Their goal is to get the families reunited and that takes an average of 6 months for parents to get their children back, sometimes longer. The children that aren’t able to return to their parents stay at the home until they are adopted. The environment is as “homelike” as possible. We had the opportunity to visit a couple that lives in the family-style cottage that can accommodate up to 12 children. The average length of stay per child is 9 months. They children are involved in activities and summer camps. 85% of funding comes from philanthropy.

2014 Solve Final Logo 1Our board of Directors visited SOLVE Maternity Homes, a residential program for women and teens who are pregnant and in need of housing and essential life services. These women, desirous of a positive life for their unborn children, receive counseling, spiritual development, parenting classes, heath and nutrition education, financial literacy, pre and post-natal care, and help with continued goals for education and employment.

Peggy Kerwin, the Executive Director and Brian Kerwin, Development Director, are passionate about the mission of strengthening and transforming both the lives of the mother and her child. We had the opportunity to meet with a few of the mothers and hold their babies and hear first hand how this program was the turning point in their lvies. We are proud to make this investment of $15,000 for The Speak Life Appeal to help with the opening of the new home in Sarasota. 


Everyday Blessings, Inc. in Tampa and Sarasota provides high quality care for sibling groups in need of shelter. Siblings removed from their homes can stay together in this safe and homelike environment. Everyday Blessings

Heart Gallery is a nonprofit contributing to over 5,000 adoptions per year.  They display pictures of children that are less likely to be adopted due to different reasons; they have physical or emotional handicaps, they are older and may have siblings. They display the children’s pictures in hospitals, bank lobbies, Starbucks, libraries, and on the internet. Heart Gallery

Both of these caring agencies that deal with foster children needed help with funding awareness. The Libertore Fund for Children was glad to help Everyday Blessings get a billboard in Sarasota and Heart Gallery more pop-ups to display pictures.

More awareness leads to more adoptions, volunteers, and donations. We wish them continued success in their quest to help these children. 

The Board of Directors and Advisors for The Libertore Fund for Children are proud to announce that in 2015, our first year as a foundation, we donated $265,000 to charities that help make a difference in the lives of children and families with shelter, food, therapy, intervention, mentoring, education, and emotional, social, physical, financial or spiritual support.

An invitiation to visit your organization is welcomed. If you would like to share the good you do, firsthand, just contact me, Lana Swartzwelder, Managing Consultant, through email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our toll free number, 844-329-4434. 


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Working together is success.

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