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This month, while celebrating Black history, we are proud to recognize the work being done in our community to create a more equitable future for all. Every day, Dr. Brook Bello works to build a stronger Florida, and nation, to bring the diverse aspects of our community together. We are proud to call Dr. Brook a friend and partner! She is the Founder, CEO and Executive Director of More Too Life.

A Note From Lana Swartzwelder, CEO


Every January 1st, over the years, many of us embark on new adventures and goals with gusto. Then, by the 15th, much of the new energy has subsided and we get back into the regular swing of things, demands, and events. At least, that has been my experience. I anticipate that this year may be a little different based on the past year, where we quickly learned that change demanded action that was often out of our comfort zone. As hard as it was, we did it. Hopefully, we will continue embellishing on the positive changes and making new ones.  As we all look forward to personal changes that we will make this year, we want to share the change that The Libertore Fund for Children is making in 2021.

See the infographic of our impact in 2020. For more detailed information about LibFund's support and areas of impact in 2020 visit The Libertore Fund for Children, Inc. Areas of Funding 2020.

Early childhood is the period from prenatal development to eight years of age. It is a crucial phase of growth and development because experiences during early childhood can influence outcomes across the entire course of an individual’s life. The early childhood years provide an important window of opportunity to explore, play and learn, preparing the foundation for life-long learning, while preventing potential delays in development and disabilities. 


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