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Mental illness or mental disorders are on the rise and we are supporting agencies that provide mental health services for children to help minimize the numbers. Mental health issues have always been in existence, but we are now talking about it, acknowledging that it exists because we are seeing the effects it has on children and families. For far too long we have ignored symptoms in ourselves or loved ones, maybe because mental illness was a stigma or label. Mental illness is just that, an illness. Research tells us that with proper diagnosis and treatment, children struggling with mental illness can be helped.

It is August and it is time to get organized and plan for the year. The best way to plan is to set long-term and short-term goals with your child. 

Independence Day is going to look a lot different for most of America. For many Americans, Independence Day is a chance for us to relax and decompress. Unfortunately, many of our favorite pastimes and holiday traditions or celebrations are not possible this year. Not to mention, the effort we all must take to keep our community well practicing social distancing protocol. 

Our Donors Continue to Make a Difference
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Our first quarter was busy with grant proposals and we are happy to report that $246,107 was awarded to agencies providing children and family services for education, parenting, adoption, foster care, therapy, trafficking and saving babies. Larry Libertore Youth Scholarships were awarded to disadvantaged young athletes totaling $21,260.

Fathers play such an important role in our children's lives. When you ask them what they would like for Father's Day, oftentimes, they don't give much insight into material things on their wish-lists. Surprise the super dad in your family with something heartfelt and handmade by your little ones this Father's Day, not store-bought! 


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