2022 Mid-Year Recap Libertore Fund Gives Back

2022 Mid-Year Recap

We fund much-needed programming through our agency partnerships. Every dollar given is vetted by our CEO and Board of Directors to ensure our most vulnerable children, those at risk of failure, are provided the helping hand to overcome obstacles that threaten their minds, bodies, and hopes. We do the research to identify top charities by assessing their effectiveness, cost-efficiency, transparency, and need for funding, in order to maximize the value of each contribution. 

  • Supplemental Education for Struggling Students
  • Early Childhood Literacy Intervention Programs
  • Health and Nutrition Programs for Youth and Families
  • Child Hunger
  • Community-Based After School and Summer Programs That Provide a Safe & Caring Environment for Children to Develop in Every Area of Development
  • Shelters & Homes for Unwed Mothers, Orphans, and Abused Youth
  • Pregnancy Help Clinics for Mothers Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Therapy for Babies and Children with Developmental Delays, Physical Disabilities, and Mental Illness
  • Services for Youth that are Victims of Trafficking
  • Parenting Education Programs
  • Foster Care and Adoption Services
  • Child Abuse Services
  • Services for Homeless Children
  • Sports Camps and Clinics for underprivileged youth ages 11-18

2022 Grants 

Foster Care and Adoption  $32,000 - Heart Gallery of Sarasota - $32,000

Services for the Unborn  $37,500 - A Woman’s Choice - $7500 & Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center - $30,000

Parenting Training  $10,000 - Forty Carrots - $10,000

Summer Camp Scholarships  $10,000 - Boys and Girls Clubs of Sarasota and DeSoto Counties - $5000 & Girl’s Inc. of Sarasota County - $5,000

Therapy, Food, Services  $10,000 - The Haven - $10,000

Preschool Scholarships  $15,000 - Children First - $15,000

Trafficking  $10,000 - Voices for Florida - $10,000

Mental Health & Trauma Services  $7,500 - Parker Street Ministries - $5,000 & Resilient Retreat - $2,500

New Agency Partnership

Another vital way we bridge the gap for children is by building relationships with new agency partners. A Door of Hope is a nonprofit helping the foster care crisis by helping engage, train, and increase the number of foster care homes in Florida. They're on a mission of 300+ licensed Christian homes for children in crisis this year. 

We believe every child deserves a helping hand. While we know every situation is different and unique, we are committed and passionate to helping children in need. You can help, too. Become a sustaining partner and give today. 



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