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Big Dreams Accomplished With Bite-sized Goals

The school year has begun and this is a perfect time to sit down with your child and plan for the year. The best way to plan is to set goals, long-term and short-term goals.

Set Goals With Your Child

  • Goals should be measurable. How else do you know you are there?
  • They should be specific. What exactly do you want to achieve?
  • They should be reasonable. Is your child capable of achieving this goal?
  • They should have personal value. Does your child really want to achieve this goal?

Set Academic Goals For School

  • Write down the last grades earned
  • Set a goal for each subject-encouraging at least minor growth in each subject
  • Write down the goals, if they are not written they are just a dream
  • Write down specific steps needed to reach each goal. These are short-term goals.

Once goals are set, a change must happen-

“Keep on doing what you have always done; you will always be where you have always been”. As a parent, your role is to support the change.

Make Study Time a Priority

  • Have a scheduled study time every day (the times can vary daily based on the child’s activities)
  • Set goals for study time

Set Long-Range Goals for studying

  • Do the assigned homework –do on time and turn it in on time
  • Prepare for class – show up with supplies, ready to learn and even preview the material
  • Study for tests – test preparation begins when class begins. Students prepare by doing all the work, participating, and then studying. Studying means reviewing old tests, notes, and the textbook
  • Take good notes – record notes given in class, rewrite notes for clarification and understanding
  • Study beyond homework time – preview and review

Manage Time-Time is a Limited Commodity

  • Time is one thing that we can manage
  • Encouraging time management is a great gift to give your child
  • Managing time is a matter of making good decisions
  • Playtime is important but should be a reward when work is accomplished-apply time rule is 15/5 or 30/15 (15 minutes on task, 15 off for a break)


  • Have a consistent place to put the backpack
  • Have the same or a similar place for completed homework
  • Touch something only once – once in your hand put it where it belongs; the permission slip is signed so it will go in the backpack or in the completed bin to be placed in the backpack before going to bed

When the long-term goals are met, your child deserves a reward that you decided on when you initially set the goals. A smaller reward along the way as your child begins meeting the short-term goals will help motivate and fill your child with a sense of accomplishment. 

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