The children that find forever homes are blessed, but I believe that the adoptive parents receive the most blessings. All families benefit differently because each family is unique, but there is no doubt that an adopted child will enrich the lives of all family members by filling the home with life, love, laughter, new adventures, and challenges, too. Adoption can be a scary endeavor, but it is a blessing for both the child and the parent(s).  I know, I adopted my son when he was 2 years old (he is now 39) and have enjoyed so many blessings over all these years. What children bring to the home, besides some challenges, are arms to hug, a mouth to kiss, words to say, “I need you, I love you, thank you for giving me a home, teach me, play with me, fight for me”.  Adoption isn’t always an easy adjustment to your life and your family's, but once you make the adjustment, it is so worthwhile.

Considering adoption? Reach out to professionals and other adoptive parents, do your research and let your heart lead you.

There is a tremendous need for foster parents as well as adoptive parents to step forward for those children seeking stable, loving homes. The Heart Gallery exists to bring efficiency, and innovation to the foster and adoption process. In 2020, Matthew Straeb, President of the Heart Gallery of Sarasota designed and implemented digital software and proposed a statewide digital transformation for foster parent recruitment practices and it passed both house and senate appropriations. Read more, here

Check out the Family Finder, and learn more about our agency partner The Heart Gallery of Sarasota



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