Summer Fun Ideas For Every Family!

Summer is a great time to create family fun memories. We've collected a lot of ideas that are inexpensive or free for your family. Making a plan for weekly activities will make it easier to be prepared to do the activities. Include the kids in the planning and gathering what is needed for the week.

For example: Monday – water play (make a water blob), Tuesday – science experiment (make a volcano), Wednesday – kids cook dinner, Saturday – field trip to the farmer’s market, the park, a museum, etc.

Here are just a few summer fun ideas to make those memories with your kids and grandchildren.

  • Visit a local farmers' market: Feast on the fruits and veggies of the season and enjoy a few locally-made treats
  • Collect rocks and paint them: Turn them into pet rocks, garden ornaments, kindness rocks, or gifts for family members
  • Create a treasure hunt: Do it on your own property or around town

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Children Still Waiting For Summer Scholarships

Summer is a fun time for many kids and families, but not all children are fortunate enough to enjoy vacations, fun excursions and free time with family and friends. Parents still have to work and often they are unable to afford a day camp to send their child(ren) to during the day.  At LibFund, we know it is important for kids to continue learning, socializing and being safe. That is why we fund summer scholarships for children to attend safe, caring places where they can thrive like the Boys & Girls Clubs and Girls Inc, and parents are able to work without worrying about their children being home alone.  

We want to continue providing scholarships and you can help by donating and choosing scholarships for After School & Summer Youth Programs. 

Help Send A Child To Summer Camp

Happy Father's Day, Dads!

"The Imprint of a father remains forever on the life of a child.” - Roy Lessin

Involved fatherhood is linked to better outcomes on nearly every measure of child wellbeing, from cognitive development and educational achievement to self-esteem and pro-social behavior stated by Child & Family Research Partnership in Texas. 

A Safe Haven For Newborns - Partner Spotlight

We are proud to partner with A Safe Haven for Newborns. A Safe Haven is just as its name implies, a safe haven for newborn babies to be dropped off when the mother finds herself in a situation where she cannot keep the baby. The Safe Haven partners statewide where the babies can be dropped off without any questions are hospitals, fire departments/EMS and ambulances. 

They also assist pregnant girls and women in the form of referrals to counseling, shelters, maternity homes, providing temporary housing, help for abuse issues, providing baby items, connection to Medicaid, and recently assisted a woman considering suicide. They offer service hours for students and they can live anywhere to earn them. 

”We cannot save every infant and guide every troubled mother, but we can make a difference for as many as possible, and WE WILL NEVER STOP TRYING.” - Nick Silverio, Founder  

June Is Child Vision Awareness Month

There are over 5 million elementary-aged children with vision problems. Children with vision problems run the risk of serious academic, health, and social problems when left undetected or untreated.

Steps parents can take if they suspect their child has vision problems. 

  • Children should have their vision/eyes screened by their pediatrician at every well-child visit
  • Pay attention to your child’s eyes: holding things too close, complaints about vision, or eyes that look different than normal should prompt a visit to the eye doctor
  • Early signs of glaucoma in the first few years of life include bigger eyes, cloudy eyes, sensitivity to light, and tearing

The Libertore Fund for Children has partnered with the Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center serving the Southwest Florida area. For children, the Lighthouse Center focuses on children ages 6 to 13 years old who are visually impaired. Lighthouse offers a multitude of services at no cost, including daily living skills, assistive technology, mobility training, and social skills, that parents can depend on to ensure that developmental milestones are met to help them succeed in life, foster independence, and decision making.

  • Build on social and technical skills learned in school
  • Develop communication skills in children who are diagnosed with vision loss
  • Prepare students with independent living and social skills to be more successful in all aspects of their lives

Help Children With Vision Loss, Donate Today!


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