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We have over 200 new constituents this year. Isn't that incredible?! Let's take a moment to celebrate You! Thank you for being a part of The Libertore Fund for Children. Imagine all the success stories made possible because of people just like you. And, yet, here we are and this year has been an absolute mess for so many. It has been wrought with loss and change, but through it all, you continue to make a difference and offer hope. 

What we know: Children are resilient. But what about when their world gets flipped upside down after a parent's job loss? Or, they have to quit school because their parent is an essential worker and the risk of infection is too great? Without many local non-profit agencies care, educated staff, and services - many families would have no where to turn for help and hope.

We do the research: Every non-profit agency we are aligned with provides a service to at-risk youth. You can rest assured knowing we have assessed their effectiveness, cost efficiency, transparency, and need for funding to maximize the value of each contribution. 

We take it one step further. Once we identify quality, accountable agencies, we strive to help with funding grants, bringing awareness and support. 

Our Mission

Our Plea

Everyone has been impacted in some way by the Coronavirus. We don't ask often, but when we do, it's because there are urgent and immediate needs that have been brought to our attention. During this Fall season, we are asking you to review all the ways you can make a difference. Your $5 or $500 contribution, whether one-time or monthly, will have a major impact on the children in our community. 

How does your charitable donation make a direct impact in the lives of at-risk children?

  • Therapy for children with developmental delays, physical disabilities & mental health
  • School Readiness
  • Child Trafficking
  • Fatherless Boys & Girls
  • Community Based Youth Programs, After-School & Summer
  • Foster Care & Adoption
  • Camps for Children with Special Needs
  • Child Hunger
  • Resources for Homeless Families
  • Youth Sports Scholarships

Did you know that when you make a gift to The Libertore Fund for Children, you can select which program you'd like your contribution to directly benefit? Plus, you can make one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual gift! 


Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Awareness is so important. It brings understanding and compassion for those struggling with a disability that often causes frustration and anxiety. A learning disability isn't noticeable like a physical disability, so it is harder to empathize with a child's struggles and possible behavior issues. So, we encourage learning about deficits more than just in October.

There are many types of learning disabilities; however; the most well known are Dyslexia (reading problems), Dysgraphia (writing problems), Dyscalculia (math problems), Executive Function Difficulties (problems with organization), and ADHD (trouble regulating attention). We now have a much better understanding of these disabilities and tools or methods of overcoming them. Also, identifying these issues early has been easier and less stigmatizing than times of long ago. Early intervention is key to positive results and a child's success.

Here is a success story from one of our partners, the Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center showing one of the ways they are helping children overcome Learning Disabilities. 

Grab your hankey, and watch the full story below.



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