The LibFund Partner Network met for the first time during the Pandemic

The leaders of several non-profit agencies from Sarasota and Polk Counties gathered in person and virtually to share ideas, concerns and solutions.

We love the leaders in the agencies we have aligned with; which is why it is essential to meet when we are able. This meeting was very encouraging as we are beta testing a new private LibFund forum to allow all the partners to communicate, collaborate, and help each other when able. 

They are champions, fighting to find the means to continue providing services for children and families regardless of the current challenges in funding and services cut this year. They are creative, hard-working, caring individuals and we appreciate them. 

Your Gifts Make A Difference!

The Salvation Army HALO Child Enrichment Center, in Lakeland, received 9 new chairs needed in their media center. Your donations provided seats for children to grow and learn. THANK YOU!

Giving in 2020

All charities are struggling since they have had to move to remote fundraising.  Any help they can get is appreciated. In 2020, the standard federal deduction is $24,800 for couples and for a single taxpayer, it is $12,400. This year only, you can deduct cash contributions up to 100% of your adjusted gross income.

  • If you are 70 ½ or older you get a tax break by donating to a 501(c)(3) charity from a traditional IRA
  • Give a gift in the form of shares of stock or mutual funds that have increased in value, if you have held these shares for at least a year and you do not have to pay tax on capital gains.

Read the article in entirety at AARP here.

Special Announcement: Latest Recipient of the Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarship

This young athlete received a scholarship to play with the Tampa Saints Basketball traveling team. Micah Hagan meets all the criteria and is well deserving of this scholarship. Go Saints!

”This is a really great opportunity for me. This team would help to train and teach me to be a better basketball player. My dream is to play in college and being on this team would very much help me with that goal.” 

Micah, we can't wait to hear about your experience and look forward to seeing you soar to new heights.

Would you like to help a kid like young Mr. Hagan? Do you know a young student between the ages of 11 and 18 years of age needing financial assistance attending a sports camp, league, or travel team?

Learn more about the Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarship.


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