“Someone came along and paid for me to go to camp. That person believed that I had worth and then I began to believe that I had worth.” A teen foster child

I have the privilege of working with so many dedicated leaders that fight for the welfare of children every day because they believe in their worth. They are the champions that help build a foundation for children so they can reach their full potential and become productive members of our communities.

I once heard a young man, now a leader and champion for youth, tell his story, which is like so many. He was a foster child and was in 40 homes, never adopted. When he aged out of the system at 18, he was homeless for two years. How did he get off the streets and find a way to be give back? An agency helped him by connecting him to services that were able to help him emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. Together, they helped him realize his full potential. Now he gives back to so many, changing lives and changing communities.

In most cases, the entire family needs services, whether natural, foster, or adoptive. The agencies that provide human services use trained and educated experts in their fields. Social services are more than just a quick fix. The agencies provide programs and services that help these families become insulated structures so they can weather the storms, learn to be resilient, and get the skills and education they need to become productive citizens.

The sad news … research shows that the general public believes that everyone chooses their own path based on how much effort they put into their lives. That means that if someone is homeless or dependent on the welfare system it is their fault. What we often don’t realize is the zip code they are raised in or the circumstances surrounding them. The average age of the homeless is 9 years old. Children don’t choose to be homeless or dependent on the system and most adults don’t either, their circumstances got them to that place. So grateful for all the agencies that don’t believe this and for those that give so that they can continue to do their work that is so needed.


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