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Our first quarter was busy with grant proposals and we are happy to report that $246,107 was awarded to agencies providing children and family services for education, parenting, adoption, foster care, therapy, trafficking and saving babies. Larry Libertore Youth Scholarships were awarded to disadvantaged young athletes totaling $21,260.

The second quarter got even busier, connecting and helping was a priority, with the pandemic crisis. We felt it was important to share resources with the agencies we support. They were so busy trying to creatively find ways to continue services and programs and raise funds lost due to Covid-19. They did not have time to search for resources. So, we did the research to send links and webinars that we thought would benefit the network of partners.

The next step was to find out the immediate needs of the children and families, and help by providing some funds targeted for those needs. Thanks to you, we were able to donate $37,500 to assist with these needs. They have always been critical, but the agencies identified them as escalating while funds were being diminished:

  • Lack of food and volunteers to help with packing and passing out food
  • Mental health issues
  • Child abuse, both physical and sexual
  • Trafficking of children

The third quarter is typically when we provide scholarships for young children to attend club programs while their parents are working. During the summer months the kids need to be in a safe, caring, learning environment. The agencies shared that there was an even greater need for scholarships this summer since more families lost their jobs or had a cut in pay. $28,500 was gifted this quarter.

We couldn't do it without you!

Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarships Awarded

The Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarships were distributed the first quarter. Who would have ever imagined that the camps, leagues, and clinics would be cancelled? We didn’t. So, the scholarships were awarded and recipients are guaranteed a spot in 2021.

Three boys received scholarships to play travel ball based on their economic need. They shared essays describing why they wanted to play and the benefits of being on the team.

Four young amputees were chosen to attend a summer softball camp with the USA Patriots softball team. The members of the team are veterans with disabilities. They are great role models and while having fun they share life lessons by coaching and mentoring.

These seven young athletes are guaranteed a spot in 2021.

Our New Website Launched!

We Launched our updated website this spring, featuring our partners and sharing our news.

So Far This Year

You have helped make a difference in your community! $333,367 was donated to 38 non-profit agencies for scholarships, grants and sponsorships.



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