Everyday Blessings, Inc. in Tampa and Sarasota provides high quality care for sibling groups in need of shelter. Siblings removed from their homes can stay together in this safe and homelike environment. Everyday Blessings

Heart Gallery is a nonprofit contributing to over 5,000 adoptions per year.  They display pictures of children that are less likely to be adopted due to different reasons; they have physical or emotional handicaps, they are older and may have siblings. They display the children’s pictures in hospitals, bank lobbies, Starbucks, libraries, and on the internet. Heart Gallery

Both of these caring agencies that deal with foster children needed help with funding awareness. The Libertore Fund for Children was glad to help Everyday Blessings get a billboard in Sarasota and Heart Gallery more pop-ups to display pictures.

More awareness leads to more adoptions, volunteers, and donations. We wish them continued success in their quest to help these children. 


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