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bigstock Playing children 88534604Please help Jaelan and the thousands of other children just like him!

In 2016, nearly 16,000 children in Florida were removed from their home because of abuse, abandonment and/or neglect. Many of those children are like Jaelan, who came into the care of a foster families several years ago, arriving with 32 broken bones. His biological family initially claimed that Jaelan had a genetic bone disease but it was soon determined that his injuries were a result of extreme child abuse.

His tiny, frail body was wrapped in a sling cast. Baby Jaelan's foster parents had to be very careful when holding him so that his injuries could heal properly. Not only was his body fragile, he was also behind developmentally. Due to the trauma he endured in his short life, he rarely cried or showed any emotion at all.

The foster parents attended to Jaelan's needs with love and continual care. They made sure he attended all medical appointments, and they interacted graciously with the professionals who were involved in the case. As Jaelan's case continued through the court process, there were many heart-wrenching moments. The birth mother finally decided to surrender her rights, making Jaelan available for adoption.

Because of the bond the foster family created with Jaelan, they prayerfully decided to make him a part of their family, forever! Today, Jaelan is healed, healthy and thriving! We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s grace and providence in baby Jaelan's life. 

We challenge YOU to offer a helping hand to foster children & partner with us to help a victimized child that is no longer able to live at home.  
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100%  of the money raised will go directly to agencies that work with foster care & adoption services!




- 1000+ Florida teens exit foster care each year.  1/3 will experience homelessness.

- 20,000+ Florida children live in uncertainty every day because it's so dangerous at home.

- 2.8 Million U.S. children and teens run away every year, most to escape issues at home.


~ We at The Libertore Fund for Children believe that all children should have their basic needs met, but beyond that, they should have a safe, caring environment in which to live, mental/health care and nutrition services available, educational opportunities to ensure academic success, and ample food & water so they never go to bed or wake up hungry. Help us make a difference in a childs life and donate TODAY!

$5,300 = 1 month of safety, therapy, help & guidance for ONE CHILD who has been removed from their home after enduring abuse or neglect.

TOGETHER we can change the FACTS!


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