Emergency Care Help Organization (ECHO) assists families in crisis with emergency clothing and food in Eastern Hillsborogh County. ECHO's summer program, Beyond the Can, sponsored by The Libertore Fund for Children, provided 7,323 pounds of produce to over 2000 families in need of emergency food.  The grant also provided 216 families with their own copy of the Good and Cheap Cookbook. 

ECHO's Executive Director, Eleanor Saunders, shared positive outcomes:

  • the amount of pounds of produce distributed: 7,323 pounds
  • the number of cookbooks distributed: 216
  • Impact came in the positive verbal feedback from 2 / 3 families who received produce
  • Impact came from the three year old boy who left eating a fresh apple
  • Impact came in the form of a mother of ten, tears of relief streaming down her face and she loaded carrots, apples, onions, and potatoes into her car

We appreciate this program that not only provides healthy food to those in need but teaches the parents how to cook fresh food that comes from the garden and not from a can.  Children can’t learn when they are hungry and without nutritious food, their health is at-risk. 

Research shows that hunger has a direct link to a child’s ability to perform academically.

Undernourished children:

  • Do not learn as much, as fast, or as well
  • Have impaired ability to concentrate and perform in school
  • Experience more behavioral, emotional and academic problems
  • Tend to be more aggressive and anxious

 Hungry children are often likely to suffer recurring health problems:

  • Being sick, recovering more slowly, and being hospitalized
  • Experiencing head and stomachaches, ear infections and fatigue
  • Obesity and its harmful effects (as children and as adults)


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