Words can’t express the emotion I felt yesterday while attending an adoption at the judicial building in Sarasota. I was invited to this wonderful event by Heart Gallery of Sarasota, one of our partners. I was so happy for JoJo. As many of you know, I am an adoptive mom, and this brought back the memory of my son Dustin’s adoption when he was three, 32 years ago. I cried through the entire adoption today, tears of joy.

The children that find forever homes are blessed, but I believe that the adoptive parents receive the most blessings when they become a new parent to a child or children. All families benefit differently because each family is unique, but there is no doubt that an adopted child will enrich the lives of all family members by filling the home with life, love, laughter, new adventures and challenges, too. But what opportunity worth going after doesn’t have challenges? This challenge possesses arms to hug you with, a mouth to kiss, words to say, “I need you, I love you, thank you for giving me a home, teach me, play with me, fight for me” and eyes that shed tears of sadness and joy, and so many more amazing assets.

My son is grown now and all the challenges that we went through together were worth the struggle and heartache because he has brought so much love and meaning into my life. Today he is an amazing man, a wonderful father of my beautiful grandson, a loving brother, son and uncle and a productive member of his community.

I found this article to share, 'The Benefits of Adopting a Child', in case you are considering adoption or know someone. www.all4kids.org/benefits-adopting-child/
See who needs forever homes at Heart Gallery of Florida.

- Lana Swartzwelder - CEO The Libertore Fund for Children


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