Our Vision

Our vision is for the individuals we serve to achieve an overall outcome of God's peace, life purpose, and fulfillment of potential.

Our Values

  • Jesus Christ – He made us and redeemed us, so we joyfully live for Him!

  • Truth – anchored to the Bible as unshakeable truth, speaking to each other with honesty

  • Integrity – uphold high standards of conduct, even when no one’s watching

  • Compassion – grace and mercy for others, expressed in deeds

  • Accountability – to self and to others, for our behavior and performance

  • Discipline – self-control, as well as accepting correction when in need of guidance

  • Unity – teamwork, acting in harmony as members of one body

Pathways of Progress

  • Spiritual growth – deepen relationship with Jesus

  • Community – garner support from others, and serve others

  • Industry – invigorate a work ethic through daily chores and via internships

  • Education – improve memory and comprehension, plus acquire academic learning.

Lighthouse Ministries 

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Contact Us

The Libertore Fund For Children
P.O. Box 5415
Lakeland, FL 33807


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