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Why contribute to our Fund? Why not just give directly to the charity of your choice?

We do the research to identify top charities by assessing their effectiveness, cost-efficiency, transparency, and need for funding in order to maximize the value of each contribution. The CEO and often, the Board Chair and President, spend time with the leaders of the agencies to listen to their accomplishments and find out their needs. These sessions lead to ideas that make a bigger impact and reach more children. We also connect agencies with other like agencies to share best practices and resources. We act as a philanthropic broker, making sure the funding is used as proposed. 

What We Know

What We Know About Youth At-Risk

We know from research that at-risk youth face barriers to success that can have serious negative outcomes, now and in the future. Some of the problems facing the disadvantaged youth are:

  • Illiteracy
  • Homelessness
  • Poor health care
  • High crime exposure
  • More likely to suffer from mental health
  • Behavioral problems in school
  • Higher risk of being a school dropout
  • More likely to be teen mothers
  • Likely to be exposed to abuse or neglect

The National Center for Children in Poverty states that there are 24 million children under the age of 6 in the United States. Their statistics show that high percentages of these children are living in families with multiple risk.

  • 39% - Ages 0-1
  • 41% - Ages 1-2
  • 20% - Ages 3-6

These children have an impact on the future of all children and our communities. Without intervention and prevention, they are destined to have negative outcomes and ultimately become a burden on society.

"At any given moment, you have the power to say, This is NOT how the story will END."    
M.H.S. Pourri

Extend a Hand

Our team is passionate about helping children overcome obstacles that threaten their minds, bodies and hopes.

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We believe that all children should have their basic needs met, but beyond that, they should have a safe, caring environment in which to live and grow academically, physically and spiritually. Educational opportunities that remediate and challenge should be available to ensure academic success. Mental health and medical services for healthy minds and bodies, and ample food and water so they never go to bed or wake up hungry.

We ask you to extend your heart and hands and partner with us to transform lives. 

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