Young-Larry-Libertore-Football-Player"Anything Is Possible"

At 5-foot 8-inches and 138 pounds, Larry Libertore proved that "Anything is Possible."  Despite his small stature, he led the University of Florida Gator football team to the most victories in Florida football history.  Larry was not only successful in football, but was a leader in his community and a successful businessman.

The Scholarship

The Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarship is for underprivileged boys and girls to have the opportunity to participate in sports camps, clinics, and leagues.  

Larry "Little Lightning" Libertore was a standout quarterback at Miami Edison High where he was recognized with All-City, All-State, and All-American awards.  Larry signed with the Gators and was a star quarterback, safety, and punt returner from 1960-1962. He was named Most Valuable Player at the 1960 Gator Bowl and was on the SEC All-Scholastic Team.  Larry's 786 rushing yards remained the most by a Gator quarterback until Tim Tebow broke his record in 2007. Larry was inducted into the Gator Bowl Hall of Fame in 1994 and the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame as a "Gator Great" in 2005.

After college, Larry moved to Lakeland and obtained a USFL professional franchise football team, The Florida Brahmans.  As GM, head coach, and player, Larry helped many young men transition into the NFL and AFL. He then went on to have a career in business as a restaurant owner, commercial developer, and owner of a real estate and insurance agency.  He also served as a Florida Legislator and a Polk County Commissioner.

Larry believed in using his experience and leadership skills to make a difference in the lives of others.  He served on many boards and was an active member of clubs and organizations in his community. He loved coaching little league football and sharing his passion for sports with kids.

How Do Sports Impact Youth?

Top 4 Reasons Youth Need Sports

  1. Improved Physical Health- build a foundation of good exercise habits for the future.
  2. Athletes Accelerate in Academics- being involved in sports can not only help cognitive performance but also lead to improved academic functioning.
  3. Mental Health Benefits- adolescents in sports, tend to understand themselves better and are best able to set limits and boundaries, when considering children’s overall social and emotional experience.
  4. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easily- Learning to work hard in sports and tolerate the natural ups and downs of athletics, can support the development grit.

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Source: Four Reason Why Sports Team Sports Are a Win-win for Teens

Criteria for Youth Sports Scholarship

The Larry Libertore Youth Sports Scholarship provides funds for young athletes to successfully participate in the sport of their choice by playing on leagues or developing skills at a camp. The cost of fees and equipment are often barriers to a young athlete’s option to play and this scholarship removes those barriers.

This scholarship provides assistance for registration fees, uniforms and equipment to help eligible youth participate in sports programs in Florida. The amount of the scholarship is based on financial need.

Criteria for consideration for the scholarship:

  • Student is between the ages of 11-18
  • Is a United States citizen
  • Is a Florida resident
  • The athlete agrees to attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled practices and games
  • Applicant has a grade point average 2.5
  • Gross annual household income and number of household members per Federal Poverty Level guidelines (see the guidelines)

Applications may be submitted by a parent/guardian or a non-profit organization in Florida that offers programs for youth. For example; schools, leagues, Boys & Girls Clubs, Churches, etc. If an organization is qualifying the applicant, the parent or guardian completes the application form and turns it into the agency for submittal. The representative verifies that the child meets the criteria and submits the application and forms. This is the preferred method for applying.

Applications submitted by a parent must also have these attachments:

  • Verification of income and need for scholarship assistance
  • Copy of school interim report or report card for verification that student
    • adheres to the school attendance policy
    • maintains a 2.5 grade point average
    • has satisfactory school behavior

If a student does not meet the criteria but can show cause for assistance, attach a letter explaining the circumstance(s).

Submit application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mail one month prior to the start date to: 

The Libertore Fund for Children
P.O. Box 5415
Lakeland, FL 33807

Application for Youth Sports Scholarship

Parents/Guardians: Complete this form and give it to an agency the child is affiliated with and request that the agency submit the application. Give the agency time to meet the dealine of submitting one month prior to the start date.

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