At Children’s Home Society of Florida, we’re working to end the need for foster care as we know it.

We’re delivering the right solutions at the right time to keep more kids safe at home with their families. We’re building upon parents’ strengths and empowering them to raise their children in healthy, nurturing homes.

By partnering with parents, providing more services before crises happen, and meeting children and families where its most convenient and comfortable for them, we know we can help build strong families, keep families together, and prepare kids and teens to achieve success.

But we also know that some families face severe challenges that may bring them into the foster care system. When that happens, we partner with parents, foster families and community organizations so children can quickly and safely return home – and spend less time in foster care. And if a child is never able to safely return home, we work hard to find the right forever family for that child through adoption.

Every day, our team works with parents and kids to empower them and encourage them. With innovative technology solutions and a dedicated, experienced team throughout Tampa Bay, we’re changing the face of foster care and positively impacting children and families’ lives for generations to come.


Children's Home Society of Florida 

“It is clear that The Libertore Fund for Children understands the importance of encouraging, supporting, and lifting up the children and families Children’s Home Society of Florida serves. You are reshaping the future for children.”


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