Our Beliefs

  • Quality - Providing the highest quality and compassionate care for all patients
  • Integrity - Embracing the highest standards or ethics and honesty
  • Respect - Treating everyone with respect, dignity and equality
  • Resourceful - Being good stewards of all resources 
  • Innovation - Continue improving services through innovation and development
  • Collaboration - Working together to meet common goals and maximizing resources
  • Passion - Pursue professional excellence in a passionate manner

Our Vision

To be the speech, language, and hearing solution for all citizens in and around Polk County.

Our Goals

To provide adults and children with the opportunity to obtain the best possible support and training for optimal speech, language, and hearing.

Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center 

“Libertore Fund has provided the spark. Because of you, we can continue to provide children with high quality speech, language, and hearing care, regardless of their ability to pay.”


Contact Us

The Libertore Fund For Children
P.O. Box 5415
Lakeland, FL 33807


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